Customer Care


Can you tell me the value of my furniture?
There are many aspects involved in assigning value to older discontinued pieces. Unfortunately, we do not have expertise in this area and recommend that you contact a local furniture appraiser or antique dealer for the current market value of older furniture of any brand.

I would like to add pieces to my collection. How do I do that?
We would first need to determine if your collection is active or discontinued. If the collection purchased is current and on our website, please see your local retailer for assistance in purchasing the pieces (to obtain a local dealer, please go to our dealer locator). Please note that the finish may vary due to the difference in production time frames. If the item or collection has been discontinued, your dealer may be able to assist you in finding a similar piece that would complement your older set, either in a comparable finish or painted finish. To assist the dealer, we suggest that you take a sample of your current finish with you, if that is available (e.g., a drawer).


Can I still get parts for it?
Unfortunately, we do not inventory any parts for discontinued groups.

I am looking for a specific piece of furniture and want to find a dealer who has it on display. Can you direct me to someone that has that piece?
The dealers do not always notify us of the particular pieces they have selected to display on their showroom floor or when they make changes. We suggest using our dealer locator to contact your local retailer directly to see if that particular item is on display.


My hardware is broken. Can I still get a replacement?
If your furniture collection is currently featured on our website or just recently discontinued, then hardware should still be available. Please contact the dealer you purchased your furniture from or a similar dealer near you to obtain the part. Unfortunately, we do not carry any parts for discontinued collections.

Are other replaceable parts available through you?
Please visit your local furniture retailer to inquire about part availability and pricing.


My furniture arrived damaged. What should I do next?
Please immediately contact the dealer you purchased it from for assistance and instructions.

I had a problem with a product I purchased. What steps should be taken about a possible warranty claim?
We must request that all service and product concerns be directed through your original dealer. They will be able to provide us with the appropriate information so that they in turn can assist you accordingly.

Do I still get a factory warranty if I purchased furniture on clearance or as-is from a dealer?
Products sold by a retailer specifically as-is do not carry a warranty from manufacturer. If the as-is verbiage or something similar is written on your receipt, the product does not have a warranty.

The dealer I purchased from is no longer in business and I am within my warranty time frame. Who should I contact?
If your dealer is no longer an active dealer or is closed, please go directly to our Contact page and submit the following information. Include the item number, where and when it was purchased (copy of receipt) and the details of the problem.


I am getting insufficient information on my order status from my dealer. Can you give me my order status?
Since we do not sell directly to the public, we can only release information to the dealer who placed the order. If you would like to give us your order details, including the dealer's name, location, order number, item numbers and the name used to place the order, we would be happy to contact the dealer to advise them of your request.

Where is the customer service phone number on your website?
We do not publish a customer service number on our website. We must request that all service and product concerns be directed through your original dealer.


How do I clean my wood furniture?
Caring for your furniture is easy—following a few simple guidelines will help extend the life of your furniture. Always dust with a polish-moistened cloth. Polish cushions the cloth, eliminating the scratching that occurs with dry dusting. Dust will scratch the furniture surface in not removed properly. Use a soft, clean cloth that won’t scratch the surface. Avoid coarse scratchy materials or fabrics. Avoid using soap and water on furniture. Water can penetrate the finish and raise the grain on wood, causing damage.

What's the best way to make sure I'm protecting my wood floors when moving in my new furniture?
Pushing and dragging furniture over wooden floors can lead to scratches and scuffs. Whenever possible, lift furniture when moving it. Have someone help move the larger pieces of furniture, or try using a dolly or moving pads.

Can I place my furniture on my wood flooring?
If not careful, furniture can scratch, scuff, and even gouge on hardwood floors. HMI does not recommend placing furniture directly on hardwood flooring. To prevent markings caused by furniture apply furniture pads to the feet of furniture helps cushion contact points. Furniture pads are commonly made out of felt and rubber, and can be found at local hardware stores. Felt pads slide easily across the floor, making them ideal for dining chairs and other pieces that move with use. Rubber pads will help furniture stay in place and are perfect for larger pieces, like sofas and loveseats.

I don't prefer furniture pads. How else could I protect my floors?
Using an area rug under furniture is another way to protect floor from scratches and scuff marks. A rug pad under the area rug provides extra cushioning and added protection.

What other tips are there to protect my floors?
Regularly check your furniture’s feet. It is a good idea to make a habit of regularly checking the feet of your furniture, even after you install furniture pads. Over time, feet can become worn and rough, making them more likely to damage your floor. When this happens, you may want to try some light sanding or apply new furniture pads.